10 ways to add fermented food in your diet

Pro Tip: Due to fermented foods contain living organisms, you may add them to recipes after cooking as a garnish.

1. Add a little fermented moist cabbage or kimchi to breakfast wrap or burritos.

2. Garnish a forkful of kimchi into lunch wraps and sandwiches with other vegetables.

3. Spread some fermented kimchi into grilled cheese sandwiches.

4. Cook tofu soup with fermented miso paste.

5. Add fermented moist cabbage mix with coleslaws and potato salads.

6. Stir a forkful of fermented veggies into sauces for salmon, tuna, or crab fish cakes. 

7. Add a few forkfuls of kimchi to stir-fry dishes and rice bowls.

8. Garnish your green salads with fermented veggies.

9. Add kimchi or fermented moist cabbage to hot dogs and burgers.

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