Let's get your SHIT done! - Poohlogy

This is a very simple online test. Based on basic BIOLOGY and PHYSIOLOGY of a human body spefically the digestive system on the colon. This test does not require scientific competence of understanding and is base on simple answer to 7 basic questions focusing on your POOH and also whether you have pass gas. This was developed based on the concepts of AYURVEDA where examining and studying the POOH, is 1 of the 5 diagnostic tests a typical AYURVEDIC POOH will do. Similar practices are also done in CHINESE TRADITIONAL MEDICINE. This test should not take you more than 1 minute of your time but may have masive impact on the number of years to add  to your life.

You can come back as often as you want to get a proper understanding of getting your gut health is.

Overtime, you can improve your POOH SCORE which has a direct immediate and long-term impact on your health.


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Let's start to analyze your POOH!


A healthy pooh should look like a banana!

Ayurveda postules of pooh that should be...


Be light (float)

Be soft

Be less smelly

Be light in color

Be arrives regularly



The key thing about pooh is it must float. Pooh that floats indicate:

  1.  It has been in the gut for a limited time (no more than 12 hours) as the longer pooh stays in the lower large intestine, the more water gets absorbed. The longer your pooh stays in the gut, the harder in gets, leading in constipation and use bleeding during defecation
  2. You are drinking enough water – this shows that your well and fully hydrated
  3. You are taking a lot of rich fiber rich food
  4. You are probably having a good amount of exercise that tends to move the muscles of lower gut and gets these muscles active

Good healthy POOH should float.

Pooh that is soft will also float. In other words, it is rich in water and fiber. It also means indicates a short transit time in the gut allowing it to retain water. It also indicates that you are drinking lots of water and that your body is well hydrated. Light soft float

Good healthy POOH should soft.

Pooh that is light in color indicates that you have eaten foods that are rich in fiber and again drank a lot of water. More importantly, it also indicates that you have very healthy gut bacteria that are breaking down a lot of toxins in your system.  Pooh that is light in color indicates that your food is largely alkaline. This means that your blood is also be alkaline is - a very important indicator of long-term health.

On the other hand, food that is dark in color (except when you have taken iron supplements) comes for an acidic diet -lots of meat, low in green and also rich in highly processed grain based foods that to support healthy growth of bacteria in the lower gut.

Good healthy POOH should light in color.

Of course, who smells but good pooh should not smell too much the smell should not persist after you have flushed. Very smelly poo indicates that there is high level of unhealthy gut bacteria. It also indicates that there has been more than necessary rotting of food in the digestive process. This unnecessary and unhealthy breakdown of some of the compounds found in bile and semi-digested food. Acidic pooh also tends to smell. This is unhealthy pooh, smell if allowed to stay long in the gut can also lead to auto intoxication of toxins found in pooh.

Good healthy POOH should little smell.

Too much gas is not healthy.  This is more so if the gas was very smelly and if you pass gas frequently. Frequent passing of smelly gas is indicative of an unhealthy gut and possibly also early gut disease. High gas production indicates that the unhealthy gut bacteria balance.

This is not a medical advice. This is not intended to treat, cure and prevent any disease.

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